I’m Meg. I’m a pastry maker, recipe developer, photographer, and writer who has been all up and down the east coast over the past 10 years from New York to South Florida as I’ve pursued these loves.

I seem to have finally started to grow roots in North Carolina and here is the digital space that I’ve carved out for myself to share my findings, thoughts, recipes, and photographs. They may or may not be new, but they are part of what moving forward means to me.

At this point in my life (ahem, the -early- 30’s), I feel fortunate to have had my experiences in culinary technique, environments, ethics, and consumerism. They allow me to reasonably contribute to the conversation on contemporary food culture, which is no small or insignificant field.

If you are a foodie, a cook, a chef, a driver, a farmer, a gardener, a fisherman, a market manager, a critic, an author, an editor, a photographer, a socialite, a human rights activist, an animal rights activist, a freight crew member, a politician, or engage in any number of activities related to food, you probably have a different perspective on all things edible than the next person. Food is such a huge industry and I’m interested to know the viewpoints of others and what your relationship is to food and eating. Should you be inclined to follow my posts on WordPress, Twitter, and Instagram, or contact me through the form below, I would be excited to connect and discuss.

Happy eating!

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